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Peloton or Zwift?

For your indoor-riding money, which is better: Peloton or Zwift? I have both, and although Peloton riders and Zwift riders each have more or less the same goal of getting a good cycling workout, they almost could not be more… Read More »Peloton or Zwift?

Weeping Demon repair

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By popular demand (OK, one person asked me about it recently), here’s an old post about my (then) recent repair of an Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah pedal (which conked out during an otherwise slammin‘ performance by an Irish band I play with).… Read More »Weeping Demon repair

The Red Baron

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a Biography of Rittmeister Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: In February 1999, when this page was originally posted, this was the Internet’s primary resource on the Red Baron. Wikipedia has pretty much put an end to… Read More »The Red Baron

Why I wear a Lumos Helmet

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My last helmet, a Giro Atmos II, made the ultimate sacrifice in a high-speed crash last October. I replaced it with a Lumos helmet, a high tech alternative with lights and Apple Watch integration. But is it really a step up?

French Creek Iron Tour

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My First Century For my first century ride, I chose the French Creek Iron Tour. Of the local events I know about, this was actually the hardest (over 6,000 feet of climb). I picked it for two reasons: one is… Read More »French Creek Iron Tour

Phillipa Georgiou is the problem

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Evolved 23rd century sensibilities aside: even in our own, comparatively barbaric time Phillipa Georgiou is nothing short of a complete sociopath.