French Creek Iron Tour

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My First Century For my first century ride, I chose the French Creek Iron Tour. Of the local events I know about, this was actually the hardest (over 6,000 feet of climb). I picked it for two reasons: one is… Read More »French Creek Iron Tour

Peloton and METs

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Following up on my post about the Peloton display numbers (and a little arithmetic regarding Output), a visitor to the site asked about METs, so I thought I’d post a follow-up…. Calculating METs is unfortunately considerably more difficult than calculating… Read More »Peloton and METs

Visit to Peloton

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or…. My trip to the Mothership Next time you’re in Manhattan, you really need to try out the Peloton studio, located in Chelsea. I headed to the Mothership this summer for my first in-studio ride. If you are anywhere near… Read More »Visit to Peloton