$500! Halfway to our goal with 114 days to go

I was very excited today when the fundraising meter hit $500. This is a huge milestone, and met with more than 100 days left before the event!

Last year, I raised $545 total, and it is awesome to think that it looks like this year’s total is going to be way higher. That said, I’m aware that gains become harder and harder to make as time goes on and the pool of “friends and family who haven’t donated” gets smaller an smaller. Still, I think $1,000 is still do-able, with a little hustle.

Since we’re at the halfway point, let me outline my strategy for tackling the remaining 114 days until the Gran Fondo…

The next two months or so are going to be a little quieter than the first month has been, so that when I turn this thing up to “11” in September there won’t be too much fundraising fatigue among the people who we’re able to reach. I won’t be resting, though. I have two additional 50-mile rides, June 30th and August 26th, and I’ll post videos before and after those to keep things going through mid-summer.

I’m also going to step up my recruiting for teammates before the September push. Ideally, I’ll be able to find two or three more fellow riders/fundraisers. October 6th is still a little too far away to get people to commit, but as the date gets closer I hope to get a couple more people on board so that we have a good-sized fundraising team in the final weeks before the event.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

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