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Why I wear a Lumos Helmet

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My last helmet, a Giro Atmos II, made the ultimate sacrifice in a high-speed crash last October. I replaced it with a Lumos helmet, a high tech alternative with lights and Apple Watch integration. But is it really a step up?

Phillipa Georgiou is the problem

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Evolved 23rd century sensibilities aside: even in our own, comparatively barbaric time Phillipa Georgiou is nothing short of a complete sociopath.

Peloton and METs

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Following up on my post about the Peloton display numbers (and a little arithmetic regarding Output), a visitor to the site asked about METs, so I thought I’d post a follow-up…. Calculating METs is unfortunately considerably more difficult than calculating… Read More »Peloton and METs

MLAR Gran Fondo 2018

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In October of 2017, I participated in the 50 kilometer Gran Fondo (or maybe more accurately the half-Gran Fondo) organized to benefit Main Line Animal Rescue. I had learned about MLAR through my neighbor, who is a volunteer there, and… Read More »MLAR Gran Fondo 2018

Visit to Peloton

or…. My trip to the Mothership Next time you’re in Manhattan, you really need to try out the Peloton studio, located in Chelsea. I headed to the Mothership this summer for my first in-studio ride. If you are anywhere near… Read More »Visit to Peloton