First Donation! First Teammate!

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Two big milestones in the first week of my fundraising effort. For one, I had my first donation, so I don’t have to keep checking my CrowdRise page and see that I have raised $0! So no matter what else happens, I’ve at least done some good for the animals of Main Line Animal Rescue.

Of course, the goal is to do much more, and I’m going to press on toward my goal of raising $1000 before the event on October 6th. And I’m very excited that Karin, my neighbor and fellow MLAR volunteer, has joined Team Ride Dogged! Last year, when I was just figuring things out, I joined Karin’s team and we raised money together. This year, I’m taking the lead because, well, because I couldn’t wait to get started! Anyway, very excited to have Karin on the team and looking forward to growing the team more in the months to come.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the fundraiser kickoff announcement.

So far, this foray into fundraising has been pretty educational (and I don’t mean “educational” the way people use that word when they talk about bad past experiences!) For one thing, I had to learn the CrowdRise interface, but that wasn’t too bad. As you’d expect, they have all the tools there to manage a fundraising campaign, though it was a little tricky to get just right the first time.

The other education I’m getting is on the psychology of fundraising. I do wonder whether I’ve started a little early. Last year I raised $500 for this event in a single week, but then again I only had a week to get it done, so there was an intensity and energy that a months-long campaign just can’t match. It remains to be seen whether the additional time afforded for fundraising will turn out to be more or less valuable than the spike of interest that one would get from a blitz-style campaign. Pacing this effort will be a challenge to avoid donor fatigue.

All that being said, I don’t regret starting early (at least, I don’t regret it yet!). The extra time will hopefully give me more opportunities to reach more people and, if so, that this will be reflected in the bottom line.

So, if you’re still reading, and you are inclined to donate, please consider doing it now. The money goes directly to MLAR (it doesn’t sit in an account somewhere waiting for the event) immediately, and can go right to helping the animals in their care.

Thanks, and stay tuned for more updates.