MLAR Gran Fondo 2018

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In October of 2017, I participated in the 50 kilometer Gran Fondo (or maybe more accurately the half-Gran Fondo) organized to benefit Main Line Animal Rescue. I had learned about MLAR through my neighbor, who is a volunteer there, and I helped her raise some money for their efforts. Although I’d visited the website and knew that MLAR had a good reputation both as an animal shelter and as a charity, I hadn’t actually been there before the ride.

Fast forward to January of ’18, and through my companies’ generous “day of service” initiative, I got to take a day off from work to do some public service, and I went up to MLAR to see what it was all about. I was thoroughly impressed with the place and the people there, and I’ve been volunteering there ever since.

Now we’re a few months shy of the first anniversary of my initial visit to MLAR, and I have my sights set on doubling my effort from last year: riding twice as far and raising twice as much money.

I’ve been busy in the off-season, riding either on the road or on my stationary bike every day (and that is not a figure of speech: I’ve literally exercised every day) to get ready. I bought myself a proper road bike (I did the 50K ride on a hybrid bike, but thought if I was going to do 100K I should probably get the right tools for the job). In May I did a 25 mile ride, and plan to do progressively longer warm-up rides leading up to October 6th.

This is where you come in. I’m looking to double my fundraising from last year, to $1,000. In order not to strain my network, I’m limiting my fundraising to this one event, but I do plan to lobby pretty heavily for this one.

If you can make a donation to the effort, it would be greatly appreciated. You can donate directly on my CrowdRise page. To learn more about Main Line Animal Rescue, head over to

UPDATE [6/10]

UPDATE [5/25]

UPDATE [5/5]: Read about my first warm-up ride, the Cinco de Mayo ride.

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