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I created this site in January, 2018 as a place where I could write on a variety of topics. If someone such as yourself reads these posts and gets something out of them, so much the better, but the principal reason for creating the site is just to have a place to write, so I hope you understand if it turns into a collection of seemingly random thoughts on disjointed topics.

I believe that writing is one of those skills that has to be used frequently if one is to remain proficient. Unfortunately, most of the writing I do on a day-by-day basis is in the form of emails and texts, generally very short and usually part of a conversation. This is quite different from essay writing, which is what I’m hoping to practice here on this site. Again, I hope that someone will read these posts and that they provoke thought, or entertain, or inform. But even if they don’t, if I can continue to write, the site will serve its purpose.

So, what will I be writing about? As I said before, the goal of the site is to give me a place to write, and writing itself is the goal, so I’m not going to limit myself too much in terms of subjects. I will no doubt be writing mostly about topics that interest me, such as technology (particularly the Internet, where I work) and society (I am an economist by training, and am interested in what is now called “behavioral economics”). Chances are a few book reviews and other things are going to creep in as well. I suppose that there will be some discussion of music, though I may just leave that to my Jim Briggs Music website.

So, if you’re reading this, thank you. Ultimately, the purpose of writing is to express ideas to others, and it is nice to think that there is someone out there! I will do my best to write well, and hopefully will pick interesting topics that contribute something to the conversation.

Thanks again, for your interest, and I’m always happy to get feedback.



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