When I first began to put this site together, I hadn’t even planned on having an “About” page. After all, although elements of my background, personality, and opinions must necessarily be revealed here, I don’t intend to make this blog about me. Time will tell whether it is rational to put one’s random thoughts into a blog and then to insist that blog is about anything other than ones self, but as I mentioned in my first blog post, the goal of the site is about exercising my writing and communicating muscles, rather than to pour my heart (or at least my brain) out to the Internet.

Despite my initial plan to skip the “About” section, I soon found the need to include at least something about myself. I think you need to know at least a bit about my background in order to evaluate some of the opinions that I express here. So, to that end, here is a very brief bio:

I am an American who has been employed with various Internet endeavors since the 1990s. I have worked as a web designer, developer, project manager, team lead, and consultant for a few decades, and I feel I can assert that I have a valid opinion when it comes to the internet related technology opinions expressed here.

In addition, I have been a musician for a few decades, and although I do not claim to be an expert, I can at least say comfortably that I am experienced. I have a website, JimBriggsMusic.com, for my music and blog entries related to that, so I am not sure I’ll be commenting so much on music here.

Finally, my formal education was in the field of economics, and I read a lot on that subject (especially what is today called “behavioral economics”). I’ve also lived overseas for years and have experienced a few different cultures (some very different), so you’ll probably see me venturing into discussions of culture from time to time as well.

As for the site name, “Brygs” is actually an old family name from back in the day, and I use it as an Internet username from time to time because it’s nice and short and is often not already claimed (though it’s fairly hard to find any combination of letters that short that isn’t either in use or held by cybersquatters hoping to sell it to someone).

In closing, I’d like to say thanks for coming to the site and reading some of what I have to say. As I mentioned in my first blog post, the point of writing is communication, and while it is possible to write when there are no readers, it is more rewarding when one’s writing can be shared.

— Brygs, January 2018