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  • On the perfectibility of man - Suffering through the Star Trek: Discovery two part Terra Firma episode, I was reminded of something I read many, many years ago, and it struck me how long this particular anecdote has stayed in my mind. I haven’t been able to locate the exact quote, but I’m about 99% sure it came from Nicholas Meyer,… Read More »On the perfectibility of man
  • A walled garden — with zombies - Well, after reading more about the psychology of free-to-play games, I’ve finally given up Sim City BuildIt once and for all (… but probably not for long). (For the record, SCB wasn’t by any means the worst offender in the free-to-play world, but it’s an enormous time-suck nonetheless). However, after being subjected to maybe a… Read More »A walled garden — with zombies
  • Possibly proving you’re an idiot - There is a game called Homescapes whose ads subject you to an endless loop of an animated hand attempting —and failing— over and over, to solve a simple logic problem. There are tons of games like this out there, each of which asks you to manipulate a series of gates so that your nemo-fish escapes… Read More »Possibly proving you’re an idiot

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About Brygs

The goal of the site (as I mentioned in my first blog post) is for me to exercise my writing and communicating muscles, and not (necessarily) to try to profess expertise on any given subject or to pour my heart (or at least my brain) out to the Internet. Still, to give this all some context, here is a very brief bio:

I have been employed with various Internet endeavors since the 1990s. I have worked as a web designer, developer, project manager, team lead, and consultant for a few decades, and I feel I can assert that I have a valid opinion when it comes to the internet related technology opinions expressed here. In addition, I have been a performing musician for more than a decade, and although I do not claim to be an expert, I can at least say comfortably that I am experienced.

So, thanks for coming to the site and reading some of what I have to say. As I mentioned in my first blog post, the point of writing is communication, and while it is possible to write when there are no readers, it is more rewarding when one’s writing can be shared.

— Brygs, January 2018