Replacing Peloton Crank Arms

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Can I replace the crank arms on a Peloton bike?

Yes, you can, but you can’t just substitute your own crank arms (as you can with the pedals, cleats, or shoes). The Peloton crank arm on the left side of the bike is fairly conventional, but the one on the right is welded to the plate that is bolted to the drive wheel. I imagine that only a Peloton part will serve.

How do I replace a Peloton crank arm?

This Peloton video explains how to change out flywheel bearings, a process that includes pulling one of the crank arms. In this case, the right crank arm is removed, but the process is the same for the left side. You will need a 8mm Allen wrench and a crank arm puller. The process is the same as it would be for just about any bicycle, so if you’ve done one of those, this should be familiar.

Will this fix the problem I’m having with my pedals?

I wrote a previous blog post regarding broken Peloton pedals, in response to what seemed to be a rash of broken pedals back in 2018. Although not much seemed to have come from “pedalgate”, the post still gets comments from users who have problems with their pedals. It seems that if you have problems with your pedals detaching from the bike, it could be one of three issues:

  1. The pedal breaks at the post. This is the issue that inspired my earlier post, and if this happens to you it seems likely that you will have to replace the crank arm. If the pedal post actually shears off, the broken piece will remain in the crank arm, and you likely cannot remove it with a wrench. (If you can remove it with a wrench, then you can replace the pedals without removing the crank arms).
  2. The pedal falls out of the post. Though an uncommon occurrence, pedals can work their way free. If this happens, you should be able to put the pedal back on and tighten (15mm wrench, tighten to 25 ft-lb).
  3. The pedal was cross-threaded. If this happens, the pedal will fall out, and you will not be able to reattach it. It is necessary to replace the crank arm. You’ll know the difference between this issue and #2 above because you should be able to see and feel (watch for sharp edges!) the threads in the crank arm. If the hole in the crank arm is more or less smooth, the threads are gone and you will not be able to attach a pedal.

EVERY 3 TO 5 RIDES: Tighten any loose pedal with the included 15 mm wrench. Pedals should be tightened to 25 lb-ft of torque. Turn clockwise to tighten the right pedal and counterclockwise to tighten the left pedal.

— PELOTON owner’s manual

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